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fortran array assignment

fortran array assignment

fortran array assignment

Efficient Compilation of Array Statements for Private Memory.

One of the core constructs of High Performance Fortran (HPF) is the array-slice assignment statement, combined with the rich choice of data distribution options .

Optimized Execution of Fortran 90 Array Language on.

Past compilers have found it challenging to implement Fortran 90 array language on symmetric shared-memory multiprocessors (SMPs) so as to match, let alone .

Syllabus for Introductory Programming with Fortran 90 3 Day.

Syllabus for Introductory Programming with Fortran 90 3 Day Course. data types and declarations, expressions and assignment, control constructs, I/O, array.

Introduction to F (a subset of Fortran 90)

Jump to Arrays - The definition and use of arrays is illustrated in Program vector. module common. is equivalent to the separate assignments. a(1) = 2.0 .

11 Arrays

Jan 7, 2001 - Arrays were FORTRAN's higher level abstraction. assignment will be (probably) either xmax, or ymax (it depends on how your compiler.

NumPy: creating and manipulating numerical data — Scipy.

In contrast, in Fortran or Matlab, indices begin at 1.. Indexing with a mask can be very useful to assign a new value to a sub-array: >>> a[a % 3 == 0] = -1 >>> a .

[Octopus-devel] octopus and Fortran 2003's (re)allocation on.

Feb 23, 2012 - (Recall that for array1 = array2, the compiler inserts a loop for the array assignment and that the (re)allocation check is outside that loop.) .

Reasoning About Data-Parallel Array Assignment

May 7, 2002 - Three representations of data-parallel array assignment-generalized array assignment, FORTRAN 90 array assignment and HPF array .

fortran 77 tutorial

The interpretation is as follows: Evaluate the right hand side and assign the resulting value to. By convention, Fortran arrays are indexed from 1 and up. Thus.